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Business owners want to know up front what they can expect from a business partner. They want to know what level of service and support they’re getting, how much it will cost each month, and how dependable the service will be.

CMIT Solutions’ Managed Services IT packages, along with our many other products and services, remove any doubt.

CMIT Marathon

CMIT Marathon™

Our flagship offering, Marathon is a proactive monitoring and remediation service that small businesses can easily customize to fit their needs.

It includes monitoring software that alerts domain engineers in case of a problem; a Network Operations Center with engineers trained to run a preventive maintenance schedule and remotely respond to problems; a fully staffed Help Desk; on-site support if needed; and regular on-site business meetings to inform clients about their IT systems’ performance.

CMIT Guardian

CMIT Guardian™

If your small or medium-sized business suffers a catastrophic data loss, it almost certainly will fail. It’s that simple.

Insurance underwriters estimate the chances of full recovery at 6%. Nearly half of all small businesses that lose their data never reopen. Guardian ensures that will never happen with data disaster recovery planning, secure remote backup, email archiving, and monitoring software. Guardian also makes an automatic on-site backup and has the ability to use that backup as the live environment if a crash occurs. We secure all data with 128-bit encryption during transfer and test the backups to ensure we can recover. Guardian backs up new and updated files every 15 minutes, guaranteeing full recovery in less than 48 hours.

CMIT Anywhere

CMIT Anywhere™

There are many cloud computing companies out there that are built for big business.

Consumers have recently been deluged with talk of “The Cloud.” Nearly everything one reads about the subject talks of a mass movement to this new and exciting realm, but explanations as to what the realm really is tend to raise just as many questions as they purport to answer. What is it? Where is it?

The reality is that cloud computing isn’t new. It’s been around a long time, and nearly all of us have accessed data or applications that reside in the cloud such as Gmail, Facebook apps, or Google Docs. We just might not have always realized it. Our cloud computing program that lets users access their critical business information remotely from anywhere on the globe with Internet access.

CMIT Voice

CMIT Voice

The best VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

CMIT Voice powered by Jive delivers all the features you expect from your enterprise-grade phone system at a fraction of traditional costs.

The service routes your calls exactly where they need to go and allows for easy scalability. Want to add a new account, remove users, change voicemail boxes, or add ring groups? Do so with a simple click of the mouse — and all changes happen in real-time thanks to CMIT’s innovative drag-and-drop visual plan editor. CMIT Voice puts complete control of hosted VoIP systems in the hands of small business owners.

CMIT Print

CMIT Print

The managed print umbrella encompasses many services, but the overall goal is clear: to remove the pain from printing while saving money and increasing office efficiency.

CMIT Print allows business owners to assess and manage total print output, reduce printing costs associated with consumables, identify and fix print problems, and send alerts back to the “mothership” for automatic reordering and maintenance visits. All business owners need a managed print services provider that they can trust, and CMIT Print provides just such a long-term strategy.

CMIT Impression

CMIT Impression

Want to change everything about visual collaboration?

Impression does that with a 55” high-definition touch-enabled PC that allows small businesses and their colleagues to present, annotate, and collaborate spontaneously. With built-in WiFi, Microsoft Office, digital whiteboard capabilities, high-quality cameras, integrated microphones, and a voice-optimized sound bar, Impression makes sharing documents and visuals during a meeting amazingly easy. Smash the traditional barriers that previously made video conferencing complicated, closed, and too costly for most businesses.

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Small business owners can purchase one package at a time or buy them bundled. Either way, CMIT Solutions’ service level agreement explains clearly what the buyer can expect, what it will cost, and, most importantly, that it is working around the clock to monitor, diagnose, and, if necessary, repair any problems.

Although our Managed Services packages form the core of our products and services, we offer others as well:

  • Professional services and project work: Our franchise partners and their technicians can install servers, security software, and PCI and HIPAA-compliant systems for offices of all kinds.
  • Hardware and software sales: We sell high-quality PCs, servers, security and productivity packages from our national vendors.
  • Break-fix work: For small businesses that have yet to adopt our managed services, things break and need to be fixed quickly and affordably. Our technicians are available around the clock to help if there’s an emergency.
  • An array of additional products and services: CMIT Solutions continues to add product lines that deliver significant value to our small business customers. In addition, CMIT offers a wide range of solutions that can easily be combined with our Managed Services packages to assure that the customer’s unique requirements are met. In other words, we sell peace of mind and services that allow business owners to do what they do best: run their businesses.